Art at Italos

A series of ongoing exhibitions featuring varied works from both local and international artists. We trust you enjoy and support the arts as much as we do. Please feel free to enquire about purchasing the featured artist’s work. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the Township Youth Project, a non-profit organisation committed to providing food to the destitute and to uplifting the youth in townships of South Africa.

Introducing the signature artist
An Exhibition by Peter Matthews

Peter Matthews is a recognized South African artist and photographer, and has exhibited his work both in South Africa and internationally. He is known for his controversial series ‘The End’ which garnered global interest and acclaim, and highlights the plight of critically endangered wildlife. Peter also produced a series of paintings for the internationally acclaimed feature film, ‘Oil on Water’, and is the illustrator for the Animal Adventures in Africa children’s book series, published in various countries around the world. 

Along with being an artist, Peter is also the director of Riverstone Studio, a new concept creative studio that provides innovative marketing solutions to clients and specialises in helping businesses find creative solution strategies to survive during the Covid crisis, and to thrive in the future. Peter likes to use art and creativity to make a difference for good.

Peter believes that both art and photography are about seeing and that is only possible when one is present in the moment. These moments are real and spontaneous. His ability to capture life in art has led to his success with the international market in his art.

“Looking is not the same as seeing.”


About The Exhibition
The 500

South African artist Peter Matthews loves to do things ‘on purpose’. So, when he became aware that the Township Youth Project non-profit organisation was struggling to meet thousands of requests for help from destitute people left devastated by the covid-crisis in South Africa, he immediately launched The 500 art initiative. 

The premise of the campaign is simple…500 people buy 500 original continuous line charcoal drawings for R500 each, and support 500 destitute families with food parcels and hope. 

The campaign has been a phenomenal success since its launch and is growing every day. People who support The 500 love owning an original Peter Matthews art piece, at the same time as supporting a family living in dire poverty. Each artwork in the series is done as one single continuous line…Peter never lifts the pencil off the paper, which is a rare and incredible artistic skill.

 If you are interested in purchasing other artworks in The 500, or would like to commission a specific themed artwork in the series, please contact Colleen at or 083-2693625. For more information on the artwork of Peter Matthews, visit